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The total number of employees is about 1000
Circuit board capacity 120,000 square meters
SMT capacity is 5 million solder joints per day
Base stations, Electric vehicles, Charging piles, BMS
Video Communication, Anti-theft system, Detection system
Robots, Frequency conversion, Instrument, 3D laser class
Automobile BCM, navigation, and management system

About Us

SCSPCBA was established in 2016 under the SUCCESS GROUP, a worldwide total-factor PCBA intelligent manufacturing factory, which has precipitated an experienced core management team of PCBA processing and manufacturing and component BOM supply chain. serving many domestic and foreign customers in various industries such as automotive electronics, medical electronics, new energy, industrial control and security. Based on one-stop service, SCSPCBA provides four major services: PCB manufacturing, BOM components procurement and SMT/DIP assembly and Box-build. and EMS value-added services such as ODM for IoT and medical devices.

Part of production process of
the PCBA factory

6 Yamaha patch production lines to meet sample, small and medium batch PCBA needs

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How customers talk about SCSPCBA

Executive Director We have been working with SUCCESS GROUP since 2005. We chose SUCCESS GROUP's then PCB factory in Shenzhen after visiting several factories in China. I have seen them grow from one PCB factory to 3 PCB factories now.They have not had any quality problems with their boards and have a very reasonable delivery schedule, I am very proud of my choice to work with SUCCESS GROUP.....
Purchasing Manager We are very impressed with SUCCESS GROUP's factory capabilities. They have helped me solve a lot of complex production problems because they have maintained their integrity and focus on quality and service from the beginning to the end. It has provided great help in our development process. For the production process of our products, I can leave it to SUCCESS GROUP with great confidence, and we look forward to working with SUCCESS GROUP in the coming decades......
Operations Team After SUCCESS GROUP factory passed our audit. Hundreds of products have been sent to us. They have met all of our expectations when we needed them most. SUCCESS GROUP's quality control at every step of the process, from design to manufacturing to final assembly, and every detail of the final packaging and labeling, is incredible and we look forward to a long and successful relationship with SUCCESS GROUP......

Electronic Manufacturing Services, Pcb Assembly Manufacturer, Prototype Pcb Assembly

SCSPCBA is a market leader in high-quality Pcb Assembly and Electronic Manufacturing Services, providing the highest level of Electronic Components service at affordable pricing.

Our staff possesses great skills in Industrial Standard Design tools, Pcb Assembly Services, and assists our customers in achieving the best possible design.

We are fueled by the concept of progress at SCSPCBA, both as a Pcb company and as individuals. As a result, we offer a product worthy of all of your praise and respect as the industry leaders in the One Stop Pcb Assembly.

Pcb Fabrication Assembly, Pcba Manufacturing

Our offerings:

  1. Pcb Soldering
  2. Smt Pcb
  3. Pcba
  4. Pcb Pcba
  5. Circuit Board Design
  6. Circuit Board Assembly
  7. Printed Circuit Board Assembly
  8. Smt Soldering

Our goals are to provide you with the most effective products while maintaining the highest degree of safety and efficiency possible in Pcb Fabrication Assembly. In brief, we provide the most dependable Pcba Manufacturing services available on the market.

Why Are We Here?

  1. One-stop fabrication and assembly
  2. Parts sourcing
  3. Quality assurance
  4. Professional engineering team
  5. High efficiency at competitive prices

      Smt Manufacturer, Pcb Assembly Manufacturer, Prototype Pcb Assembly

      Providing Global Clients With High-Quality PCB Assembly Services!

      SCSPCBA makes every effort to give the highest-quality PCB assembly services to its customers. It can meet a wide range of customer needs for PCB assembly manufacturers.

      We provide PCB assembly services for classic Dual In-line Packages (DIP), chips, micro Surface Mounted Devices (SMD), and automation equipment.

      We are the best Smt Manufacturer, can build single and dual-side assemblies and hybrid technology PCBAs to meet the needs of our clients.

      Our PCB assembly team is headed and managed by a group of highly skilled Pcb Assembly Manufacturer. We’re prepared to handle all aspects of manufacturing, from small pre-productions to large-scale orders.

      we’ve developed a customized approach to PCB assembly to satisfy diversified customers from various industries. We are capable of designing and delivering the best solutions in a short amount of time.

      we’ve developed a customized approach to Prototype Pcb Assembly to satisfy a diversified clientele from various industries. We are capable of designing and delivering the best PCB solutions in a short amount of time.

      Have you any questions or need any help? Contact Pcb Assembly China today!