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Controlled Depth Drilling PCB
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What Is Controlled Depth Drilling PCB

Controlled depth drilling PCB (back drilling PCB) is a type of printed circuit board with special holes. It uses specific drilling techniques in the manufacturing process to ensure that the depth of the drilled holes meets the predetermined requirements. This type of hole design can be used for install specific components, pins, or other connection parts that require depth control.

Controlled Depth Drilling PCB Has The Following Advantages:

1) Precision: Using controlled depth drilling technology allows for precise control of drilling depth, ensuring that the holes meet the design requirements.

2) Reliability: By controlling the drilling depth, it can ensure the stable installation of pins, connectors or other components on the PCB and provide reliable connection performance.

3) Consistency: Controlled depth drilling technology can ensure the consistency of drilling depth throughout the PCB production process, and ensure the consistency of hole quality and performance for each PCB.

SCSPCBA has professional drilling equipment and technology, which can realize precise control of drilling depth. Whether it is small batches or mass production, SCSPCBA can provide solutions for high-quality and reliable controlled depth drilling PCB. 

About the cost and more technical details, please feel free to contact us.