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Plated Half Holes PCB
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What Is Plated Half Holes PCB

Plated half holes PCB (castellated holes PCB) is a special type of printed circuit board (PCB) that it is characterized by partial drilling and copper plating.

The manufacturing process of plated half holes PCB is similar to that of regular PCBs, but there is a difference in the drilling process. When producing plated half holes PCBs, the vias will only partially through the thickness of the PCB rather than going through the entire board. Then, the half hole wall is coated with a conductive material, typically copper. This provides the plated half holes with a conductive inner surface, which can be used for the installation of pins, sockets, or other types of connectors. By inserting these components into the plated half holes and performing soldering or other connection methods, a reliable electrical connection can be established between the PCB and other devices.

Plated Half Holes PCB Plays An Important Role In The Following Application Field:

1) High-density electronic devices: Plated half holes PCBs are commonly used in the manufacturing of high-density electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc.

2) Data communication equipment: Plated half holes PCBs are widely used in data communication equipment like network switches, routers, optical fiber communication equipment, etc.

3) Automotive electronics: Plated half holes PCBs are widely used in automotive electronics where reliability and durability are crucial. It can provide more stable electrical connection to cope with factors such as vibration, temperature changes, and humidity in the automotive environment. They are extensively used in automotive electronic control modules, in-vehicle entertainment systems, navigation systems, etc.

4) Industrial control equipment: Plated half holes PCB is used to connect sensors, actuators, controllers and other key components in industrial control equipment to realize automation and intelligent control.

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