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PCB & PCBA Rebate Price for Christmas & New Year


Hello Everyone!

In the blink of an eye, the annual Christmas & New Year is coming, and everyone is looking forward to it, looking forward to Santa Claus driving his reindeer sleigh across the night sky, bringing good luck to thousands of households. We also look forward to peace and joy in the New Year, stocking up on New Year's goods and decorating a new home.

In this season full of blessings, SCSPCBA is willing to spend a warm time with you. We have already prepared many discounts and promotions for you. Generous discounts, welfare rewards, limited time, come and take a look with us!

SCSPCBA Rebate Price On this Christmas and New Year

● We Have Prepared for You  

☑ Super Value Discounts  

During Christmas & New Year, you will enjoy exclusive value discounts when purchasing SCSPCBA products, which will save costs for your project and help you get twice the result with half the effort.

☑ Free service    

Whether you choose PCB or PCBA service, SCSPCBA provides corresponding free projects. This is a rare opportunity. Our professional team will provide you with efficient and accurate assembly services without worrying about additional costs..

☑ Limited-time special offer      

Hurry and seize the opportunity to obtain high-quality PCB and PCBA services. Limited-time special offer provides you with more choices and ensures that your project receives the best technical support.

● Event Time

From Nov -20th-2023 to Jan-10th-2024

● Double Specials

Learn more about our Christmas & New Year:

Christmas activity.png

 ●  Contact Us 

SCSPCBA are a reliable one-stop PCB assembly service solution provider for prototype quantities as well as low-to-high volume production runs. As a provider of full turn-key PCB assembly services, we offer PCB design, PCB fabrication, DFM checking, components procurement, PCB assembly, BGA assembly, firmware programming, functional testing and box-build.

This Christmas/New Year season, choose SCSPCBA as your partner and bring new life to your project! Please feel free to contact our customer service team or call them, we look forward to creating a better future with you.

Thank you for your continued support and I wish you a Merry Christmas and a brighter New Year!

best regards

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