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Plastic and Metal Case

Plastic and Metal Case

☑ One-stop solution: circuit board assembly to case manufacturing

☑ Customized design: Meet the requirements of different products.

☑ Efficient production process that can produce large numbers of housings quickly

☑ Provide comprehensive technical support and after-sales service

☑ Extensive experience to ensure enclosures are designed and manufactured in accordance with best practice

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The Importance of The Shell in PCBA Electronic Products

The shell plays a vital role in PCBA electronic products, which is reflected in the following aspects:

1.  Physical Protection:

The shell is the first physical defense line of PCBA electronic products, which can protect the circuit board and internal components from external mechanical damage, dust, moisture, chemical substances, etc. It can resist external shock, extrusion and collision, and guarantee the integrity and stability of electronic components.

2. Electrical Isolation:

The case acts as an insulating layer for the circuit board, isolating the internal circuitry from the outside environment, preventing short circuits or other electrical problems between the circuit board and external conductive objects.

3. Protective Environment:

The shell can provide a closed environment for the internal circuit, protect the circuit from interference from adverse environmental factors such as humidity, corrosion, high temperature, and low temperature, and ensure that electronic products can operate normally under different working conditions.

4. Beautiful Appearance:

The casing provides appearance design and appearance protection for electronic products, which directly affects the first impression of users. Exquisite shell design can increase the attractiveness and competitiveness of the product.

5. Human Safety:

For some high-voltage or high-power electronic products, the casing can prevent users from touching dangerous parts and ensure the safety of users.

6. Assembly and Maintenance:

The shell can provide a safe fixing and assembly platform for internal circuits and components, which is convenient for product assembly and maintenance.

Types and materials of PCB Assembly shells

The PCB assembly shell is the outer protective layer of electronic products. According to the purpose and characteristics, the common PCBA shell types and materials are as follows:

1. Plastic Shell

Features: The plastic shell is light, durable, low cost, easy to process and manufacture, suitable for most consumer electronics products.

Common materials: ABS (acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene copolymer), PC (polycarbonate), PP (polypropylene), etc.

2. Metal Shell

Features: The metal shell is strong, anti-interference, and good heat dissipation. It is suitable for some industrial control equipment and communication equipment that require high strength and electromagnetic shielding.

Common materials: aluminum alloy, copper, stainless steel, etc.

3. Aluminum Shell

Features: The aluminum alloy shell has lightweight, has corrosion resistance and excellent thermal conductivity, and is suitable for some products that require heat dissipation and corrosion resistance, such as notebook computers and mobile phones.

Common materials: aluminum-magnesium alloy, aluminum-silicon alloy, etc.

4. Steel Case

Features: The steel shell is strong and durable, suitable for some products that require high protection and wear resistance, such as industrial instruments, mechanical equipment, etc.

Common materials: cold-rolled steel plate, stainless steel, etc.

5. Silicone Case

Features: The silicone shell is soft and has good crash resistance, which is suitable for some products that require cushioning and non-slip, such as mobile power supplies, handles, etc.

Common material: Silicone.

Application and Case of PCBA Plastic Shell    

PCBA plastic housings are widely used in smartphones, tablets, home appliances, and consumer electronics. Its lightness, durability, and ease of processing make it ideal for the manufacture of these products.

1. Smartphones and tablets

● Smartphone

Most smartphones use plastic casings because plastic materials are lightweight, durable, and easy to process, making them suitable for making mobile phones that are thin, light, and portable. The plastic shell also has a variety of colors and textures to choose from, which is conducive to the appearance design and personalization of the product.

● Tablet

Tablets are also often made with plastic casings, as plastic creates a thin, strong case while providing enough protection and shock resistance for everyday tablet use and portability.

2. Household appliances:

● Coffee Machine

Household coffee makers usually have plastic housings because the plastic material is not damaged by heat and is safe in contact with hot water and coffee. At the same time, the plastic shell can be molded into different appearances and designs to meet the individual needs of consumers.

● Electric Fan

Household electric fans often use plastic casings, because plastic materials are light and have good heat insulation performance, which is conducive to the manufacture and transportation of electric fans.

3. Consumer Electronics

● Digital Camera

Digital cameras usually have plastic housings because the plastic material provides good insulation for the camera and protects the circuit board from moisture and short circuits. At the same time, the plastic casing also helps to reduce the overall weight of the camera and improve portability.

●  MP3 Player

Consumer MP3 players generally use plastic casings, because plastic materials have good shock-absorbing properties, which help protect internal circuits and storage devices and reduce the risk of damage.

Application and Case of PCB Assembly Metal Case

PCB assembly metal shells are widely used in many fields due to their firmness, good thermal conductivity, and anti-interference characteristics.

1. Industrial Control Equipment

● Industrial Automation Controller

Industrial control equipment usually requires stability and durability to meet the requirements of industrial production environments. The PCBA metal shell can provide good physical protection and electromagnetic shielding ability to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the internal circuit of the controller, and at the same time can effectively dissipate heat and maintain the stability of the device.

● PLC (Programmable Logic Controller)

PLC is a commonly used control device in industrial automation, and its high-frequency operation and high stability requirements are required. The PCBA metal shell can effectively suppress electromagnetic interference, prevent external interference from affecting the controller, and ensure the stability and reliability of the PLC.

2. Automotive electronics

● Automotive Control Unit (ECU)

The automotive ECU is the core control device of the automotive electronic system, which needs to have durability, waterproof and electromagnetic shielding capabilities. The PCBA metal shell can provide good physical protection and electromagnetic shielding for the ECU, ensuring its stable operation in the harsh environment of the car.

● Car Entertainment System

In-vehicle entertainment systems require anti-interference and stable operation in high-temperature environments. The PCBA metal shell can effectively block external interference signals, provide more stable signal transmission, and help heat dissipation at the same time, ensuring the performance and life of the entertainment system.

3. Communication Equipment

● Wireless Router

Wireless routers require stable signal transmission and anti-interference capabilities to ensure the stability of network connections. The PCBA metal shell can effectively shield external interference signals and provide more reliable wireless signal transmission.

● Communication Base Station Equipment

Communication base station equipment needs to maintain stable communication in various environments while protecting internal circuits from external interference. The PCBA metal shell can provide solid protection for base station equipment, effectively shield electromagnetic interference, and ensure the stability and reliability of communication.