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Functional Testing

Functional Testing
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PCBA Functional Test
As a one-stop PCBA manufacturer, SCSPCBA specializes in turnkey PCB assembly, we provide PCBA functional testing service for your assembly project. PCBA functional testing is the most comprehensive test used to determine the final pass/fail status of a board after manufacturing.

SCSPCBA In PCBA Manufacturing, Functional Testing Usually Includes the Following Steps

Our manufacturing process has undergone strict quality control to ensure that each product meets your requirements

  • Test Preparation
    Before conducting PCBA manufacturing functional test, it is necessary to prepare test equipment, test tools, test procedures and test environment, etc.Avoid inaccurate test results due to test environment problems.

  • Test Program Writing
    According to the design specifications and functional requirements of PCBA, write the corresponding test program. The test program is usually written by our professional test engineers according to the test needs and test purposes, and is used to test whether the functions of the PCBA are normal.

    SCSPCBA will also consider the comprehensiveness and effectiveness of the test to ensure that the test program can fully cover the various functions of the PCBA.

  • Test Execution
    Execute the test program and record the test results. If the test results meet the requirements, the PCBA can be considered a qualified product; otherwise, it needs to be repaired or remade.

  • Test Record
    Record the test results and compare the test results with the design specifications to confirm whether the PCBA meets the requirements.

Special Equipment Used In PCBA Functional Testing

SCSPCBA according to pcb assembly, the functional requirements and test requirements are different, and different test equipment will be used in the functional test

  • Multipurpose Digital Meter
    It is used to test the voltage, current, resistance and other parameters of circuit boards.

  • Oscilloscope
    It is used to observe and analyze the signal waveform of circuit boards, and can detect the frequency, amplitude, phase and other information of the signal.

  • Logic Analyzer
    It is used to test digital circuits, and can analyze the status and transmission information of digital signals.

  • Spectrum Analyzer
    It is used to test the frequency response and spectrum characteristics of the circuit, and can detect the signal spectrum, bandwidth, peak value and other information.

  • Analog Signal Generator
    It is used to generate various analog signals, such as sine wave, square wave, triangle wave, etc., to test the response characteristics of the circuit.

  • Signal Generator
    It is used to generate various digital signals, such as pulses, high and low levels, etc., to test the response characteristics of digital circuits.

  • Power Supplier
    Used to provide the DC or AC power required by the circuit.

  • Test Fixture
    Used for fixing PCBA, connecting test instruments and collecting test data, etc.

Special tool for PCB functional testing

Special Tool For PCBA Functional Test - Fixture

PCBA functional test fixture is a special tool for PCBA functional tests, used for fixing PCBA, connecting test instruments and collecting test data, etc.

SCSPCBA will consider the following aspects when selecting the design of functional test fixtures

  • Fixture Positioning
    The fixture needs to be able to accurately position the PCBA to ensure the consistency of the position and posture of the PCBA during testing.

  • Test Interface
    The fixture needs to provide an interface connected to the test instrument in order to perform electrical performance tests or signal tests on the PCBA.

  • Data Acquisition
    The fixture needs to provide a data acquisition interface in order to collect test data and perform data analysis and processing.

  • Communication Interface
    The fixture needs to provide a communication interface in order to transmit the test results to the host computer or data center for data processing and analysis.

  • Reusable
    The fixture needs to be reusable in order to maintain the consistency and stability of the test results in multiple PCBA functional tests.

PCB functional testing using state-of-the-art equipment and processes


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