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Technical Support

scspcba one stop supply technical support

Technical Support

We provide comprehensive technical support from components, PCB, PCBA manufacturing and solution problem solving, any problem you encounter can consult us at any time, we have a professional engineering and technical team can systematically analyze your problems and propose solutions.

SCSPCBA Technical Support

We have a professional engineering R & D team and a strong manufacturing team, including 6 procurement engineers, 31 PCB engineers, 17 PCBA engineers and 5 design and development service engineers, to ensure that every link of the whole process has professional engineers to follow up the project and provide technical support. We have obtained and constantly updated ISO90001, ISO13485, IATF16949, CE, FCC, UL, ROHS and other certifications to ensure the highest quality of products.

  • printing circuit board ic programming
  • pcb board quality inspection
  • pcb assembly final testing
  • automatic solder paste pring
  • YS24 placement machine
  • YS24 SMT machine in pcb assembly manufacturing
  • pcb assembly maunfacturing process
  • small and medium batch printing circuit board assembly
  • pcb board with solder paster is being prepared
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SCSPCBA was established in 2013 under the success circuits group, a worldwide total-factor PCBA intelligent manufacturing factory, which has precipitated an experienced core management team of PCBA processing and manufacturing and component BOM supply chain.