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IC Programming

IC Programming

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PCBA IC Programming

We Have A Mature IC Programming In PCB Assembly Services Workflow:

  • Preparation Work
    Before IC Programming, we will carefully check whether the chip model and the burning program match and confirm whether the chip is correctly connected to the burning device

  • Read the Chip Information
    Burning device by reading the chip information, confirming whether the chip can be burned. If the chip cannot be burned, the device will issue a warning.

  • Burning Program or Data
    Through the burning device to write the program or data into the chip, in order to achieve specific functions.

  • Verify
    Verify whether the chip is correctly burned. If the chip fails to pass verification, the burning device will issue a warning.

IC Programming Type that We Often Use in PCB Assembly Manufacturers

  • ISP Burning
    ISP (in-system Programming) burning refers to the burning when the chip has been installed In the System. This burning method can reduce the number of chip replacements and improve production efficiency

  • Offline Burning
    Offline burning refers to the chip from the system after the burning. This method can ensure that the chip is free from external interference in the process of burning and improve the success rate of burning.

  • In-circuit Programming (ICP)

    SCSPCBA In PCBA, IC programming uses In-circuit programming (ICP).
    In-circuit programming (ICP) works by programming microcontrollers or other programmable devices while they are connected to a circuit board.

    Specific operation:

    Through the ICP process, we will connect the programming device to the PCBA through a special programming connector or test point on the circuit board. A programming device sends programming instructions and data to a microcontroller or other device, which stores the program in its non-volatile memory.

    SCSPCBA Efficient and cost-effective ICP programming for circuit board printing in small to medium-batch production

  • JTAG Programming

    Joint Test Action Group (JTAG) programming is a standard method used for testing and programming microcontrollers and other devices. JTAG programming allows for the programming and debugging of the device using a standard interface and protocol.

IC Programming FAQ

According to our communication with customers, we often encounter problems in IC programming in PCBA

  • Connection Issues
    The programming device may not be properly connected to the PCBA or programming connector/test point. This can cause communication errors and programming failures

  • Power Supply Issues
    The IC being programmed may not be receiving the correct supply voltage

  • Timing Issues
    Some ICs require specific timings during programming, if these timings are not followed correctly, programming errors can occur

  • Hardware Compatibility Issues
    The programming device may not be compatible with the specific IC being programmed, resulting in communication errors and programming failures

  • PCBA Design Issues
    PCB design issues such as poor grounding, noise or interference can cause programming errors and failures

  • IC Damage
    Improper programming sequence or mishandling of IC during programming can lead to IC damage, resulting in programming failure


IC Programming plays an integral role in PCB assemblies. Through our introduction to IC Programming, you learned about our application of IC Programming in pcba manufacturers.