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Impedance Controlled PCB
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What Is Impedance Controlled PCB

Impedance controlled PCB needs to consider material, layer stack-up, accurate line width and spacing, and dielectric constant, etc. Impedance is the ratio between current and voltage, and it's one of the key parameters for signal transmission in a circuit. Maintaining accurate impedance matching is crucial for signal integrity and performance, especially in high-frequency and high-speed circuits.

To Produce Impedance Controlled PCBs, SCSPCBA Takes The Following Key Steps and Measures:

1) Design verification: Our engineering team will carefully review and verify the customer's PCB design files to ensure that the impedance control requirements are consistent with the customer's design goals.

2) Material selection: We will select a specific substrate material that meets impedance requirements, and ensure the material has stable dielectric constant and impedance characteristics.

3) Manufacturing process: We will use a precise manufacturing process to ensure the accuracy and consistency of impedance values by control line width, spacing, layer spacing and dielectric constant, etc.

4) Testing and validation: After PCB finished, we will do testing and verification to ensure that the impedance value of each PCB meets the design requirements.

SCSPCBA focuses on quality control and process control to ensure that the produced impedance controlled PCBs have stable performance and consistent impedance values. You can rely on SCSPCBA's professional capability and experience to obtain high-performance impedance PCB. Whether it's in communication, computer, medical equipment or other high frequency and high speed applications, SCSPCBA can provide reliable solutions for impedance controlled PCBs.

About the cost and technical details, please feel free to contact us.