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Peelable Mask PCB
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What Is Peelable Mask PCB

Peelable Mask PCB is a special type of printed circuit board that utilizes peelable mask material during the manufacturing process. The peelable mask is a temporary protective layer covering the PCB, usually a polymer material. It is applied in areas that need to be protected, such as pads, golden fingers and specific components, etc.

Peelable Film PCB Has The Following Advantages:

1) Protection performance: The peelable mask can effectively protect specific areas on the PCB from damage or contamination.

2) Simplified assembly: By peeling off the peelable film, the areas requiring soldering and assembly can be easily exposed, streamlining the assembly process and improving efficiency.

3) Repair and maintenance: The use of peelable mask makes it easier to identify and dealing with issues in specific areas when repairing and maintaining PCBs.

SCSPCBA produces peelable mask PCBs for electronic equipment, communication equipment and consumer electronics, etc. And our cost-effective advantage makes us stand out in PCB manufacturing. About the cost and technical details, please feel free to contact us.