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The Strong Component Procurement Team

SCSPCBA provides a one-stop PCBA manufacturing service that meets all customer requirements from PCB design and layout, component procurement, PCB manufacturing, PCB assembly to testing.

When it comes to PCB component sourcing, years of experience handling parts sourcing and logistics make your component sourcing work easy and fast.

For your PCB assembly projects, we can handle your component sourcing against your bill of materials (BOM), so you don't have to worry about checking and comparing quantities and prices with multiple sources. Our experienced procurement and logistics professionals can provide valuable advice on your requirements, and can also help you optimize your supply chain and reduce costs, negotiate favorable prices and terms, and implement best practices in inventory management and logistics for you Deliver smarter decisions and stay ahead of the competition.

In general, SCSPCBA has a group of component procurement teams and logistics professionals who have been in the industry for many years, and has reached strategic cooperation with hundreds of source factories and general agents around the world, which can help ensure that your PCB component procurement process is efficient, effective and successful. Guaranteed original and authentic

What is PCB Component Sourcing
PCB (Printed Circuit Board, printed circuit board) component procurement refers to the purchase of various electronic components that need to be used in the PCB manufacturing and assembly process, such as capacitors, inductors, transistors, resistors, etc. SCSPCBA provides component procurement, which helps to save time and reduce production costs, improve production efficiency and ensure product quality and performance. These components are used to connect and support the circuits on the PCB to realize the functions of electronic products.

PCB Boards Common Components Types
There are many types of components used in PCB (Printed Circuit Board) assembly, and different types of components have the same shape, but their internal structure and purpose are quite different. Complex electronic circuits are also made up of these electronic components.

The following are the types of components commonly used on PCB boards:


  1. Resistor
    One of the most commonly used electronic components on the pcb board, represented by the letter R, the unit is ohm Ω, used to limit the current in the circuit. It plays the role of shunting, current limiting, voltage dividing and biasing in the circuit.

  2. Capacitor

    The letter C indicates that the capacitor is used to store and release electrical energy in the circuit. Its main feature is the separation of AC and DC, and the size of the resistance is related to the frequency of AC and its own capacity. In the circuit, the capacitor mainly plays the role of coupling, filtering, resonance, bypass, compensation, frequency division and so on.

  3. Inductor

    The letter L indicates that its structure is similar to that of a transformer. Inductors are used to store and release magnetic energy in a circuit. It is mainly used for filtering, oscillating, delaying, trapping, filtering signals, filtering noise, stabilizing current and suppressing electromagnetic wave interference.

    Another name of inductor: throttle, reactor, dynamic reactor, etc., according to its induction method is divided into: self-inductance and mutual inductance. Inductors have the characteristics of direct resistance crossing, that is, preventing AC current from passing through and allowing DC current to pass smoothly, just the opposite of capacitors.

  4. Crystal Diode

    The letter D indicates. It is a semiconductor device with nonlinear volt-ampere characteristics, mainly used for unidirectional conduction. The core part is a PN junction, which is widely used in various electronic circuits.

    Crystal diodes can be divided into silicon tubes and germanium tubes according to materials; according to functions: rectification, light emission, detection, voltage stabilization, switching, continuous flow, rotation, Schottky diodes and silicon power diodes; according to structure, can be divided into contact Type and planar type, the former can pass a small current, and the latter can pass a large current.

  5. Transistor

    Indicated by the symbol "β". The full name of the triode is a semiconductor triode. The core components in electronic circuits. The crystal triode has the function of current amplification. Its essence is that the triode can control large changes in collector current through small changes in base current.

  6. Integrated Circuits (ICs)

    ICs are complex electronic circuits that are miniaturized and integrated into a single chip. They can perform functions such as amplification, switching, and digital logic.

  7. Connectors

    Connectors are used to connect the PCB to other electronic devices or components. They come in different types such as headers, sockets, and board-to-board connectors.

  8. Other component types

  • Thyristor

  • Thermistor

  • antenna

  • Fest

  • Varistor

  • Connector

  • component socket

  • backplane connector

  • filter

  • suppressor

  • sensor

  • integrated circuit

  • temperature cutoff

  • Energy Harvesting Module

  • lamp holder

  • Backlight component

  • monitor

  • clip

  • power inverter

  • power conditioner

Purchasing PCB Components Consider Factors
Are you looking for a reliable component buyer? Do you know how to choose a suitable component purchaser?

Here are a few factors you need to consider when sourcing pcb components.

  • Supplier Reputation
    Look for companies with a good reputation in the pcb components industry. You can check the online reviews and ratings of previous customers through the official website of the PCB or PCB supplier.

  • Quality Control

    Find out what steps companies take to ensure the quality of their components. Do they have rigorous testing procedures? Have you obtained product quality certification?

  • Price

    While the price of a component is important, it should not be the only factor. Looking for a pcb components company that offers competitive component prices with guaranteed quality.

  • Availability
    Make sure the company has the components you need in stock and can deliver them in a timely manner.

  • Customer Service
    Choose a component sourcing company with excellent customer service and a timely response to your needs.

  • Warranty
    Find out what type of warranty the company offers for its components. A good warranty can give you peace of mind and protect your components.

Component Procurement Process