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SCSPCBA Celebrates Labor Day Holiday Notice


Hello Everyone!

May 1st International Labor Day has arrived. This is a day that SCS and everyone are looking forward to, because it symbolizes the hard work of workers and the respect of society for them. On this special day, SCSPCBA is fortunate to be able to enjoy a rare rest time, feel the fruits of labor, and be proud of its own efforts.

May everyone find happiness and achievement in labor, and feel happiness and satisfaction in rest. I wish you all a happy May 1st Labor Day! Looking forward to sharing your Labor Day plans and ideas with scspcba!

SCSPCBA Holiday Time

From May 1 (Wednesday) to May 5 (Sunday), 2024, 5 days off, May 6 (Monday) normal work.

Please arrange your order as soon as possible to avoid delaying your delivery time.

SCSPCBA Labor Day Holiday Notice

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