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PCB Assembly FAQ

Do You Have Questions About PCBA Chip Components? Read This!


PCBA refers to the installation of various electronic components (such as chips, resistors, capacitors, etc.) on the PCB through welding and other processes according to the requirements of the circuit diagram to form a complete circuit board.

PCBA is not just about simply welding components to the circuit board but also includes the entire assembly process, including component procurement, storage, quality inspection, welding, testing, and other links. It is a key step in converting circuit design into actual electronic products and plays an irreplaceable role in the field of modern technology. Among them, chip components have a great impact on the quality of PCBA processing. It is not only an indispensable part of electronic products, but also a guarantee of the performance and quality of electronic products. A good PCB assembly patch process can greatly improve the reliability, operational stability, and work efficiency of electronic products, thereby reducing product error correction rates and maintenance costs.

1. Types of PCBA Patch Components  

With the development of the PCB assembly industry, miniaturization and precision processing are increasingly pursued, so the components used must have the characteristics of small size and lightweight. SMT components are also an indispensable part of the processing technology.

(1) Resistor  

The manufacturing principle of resistors is to mix metal powder and glass glaze in a certain proportion and print them on the substrate using silk screen printing to produce chip resistors. But unlike ordinary resistors, it has the characteristics of high-temperature resistance and moisture resistance and has the advantage of saving circuit space. It can make the design more refined and more in line with the current PCBA industry requirements.

(2) Capacitor

Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors, are usually composed of diode sheets, adhesives, and conductive glue. It can be directly welded on the surface of the printed circuit board without the need for jack welding, which greatly improves the assembly efficiency and reliability of the circuit board. Due to their small size and lightweight design, chip capacitors have become an indispensable electronic component in many PCB assembly electronic devices.

(3) Inductor

Chip inductors are also called power inductors and high-current inductors. They have the characteristics of high quality and high energy storage, so they are widely used in PCB assembly manufacturing.

(4) Semiconductor Devices

Semiconductor devices, also called crystal diodes, are mainly composed of semiconductors. The voltage discharges the wire, which has the conductivity of a single-phase current.

SMT components on PCB assembly board

2. Application of PCBA Patch Components

In modern electronic products, chip components are widely used. For example, chip capacitors are found in various electronic devices such as mobile phones, computers, cameras, and audio equipment.

(1) Mobile Phones

SMT components are widely used in mobile phones, for example: used for screen signal filtering, micromotor control, mobile phone built-in speaker connection lines, etc.

(2) Computer    

SMT components also play a very important role in computer motherboards, including CPU voltage regulation, bus signal filtering, input and output port interference prevention, etc.

(3) Camera

SMT capacitors also play an important role in cameras. For example, in the circuit required to transmit image signals to a camera and decode them, chip capacitors are needed to complete the coupling and decoupling of the signals.

(4) Audio

In audio systems, chip capacitors are generally used for audio signal filtering and coupling, which can improve sound quality and stability.

Various types of capacitor components on the PCB assembly board

3. Correctly Select Chip Components

With the rapid development of science and technology, the electronic components market is also constantly moving forward, and various components are also mixed, making it dazzling to choose from. Originally, it was not a bad thing to have many types of SMT components to choose from. However, most of the time when purchasing SMT components, you will encounter fake and shoddy components. This requires everyone to master some tricks to identify chip components so that they can choose high-quality components and avoid being cheated. How to distinguish between good and bad SMD components and how to choose high-quality SMT components. In fact, in our daily life, no matter what we buy, when we get the product, we will first observe its appearance. The same goes for purchasing chip components. If we look carefully, we can see some problems from its appearance. When we look at SMD components, we will find that a high-quality SMD component has high dimensional accuracy and can improve the efficiency of automatic installation and soldering. Moreover, the terminals on both sides of the product are not easily oxidized and the color is pure. Therefore, when we select high-quality SMD components, we must choose products with positive colors on both sides. If you cannot identify high-quality SMD components by color, you can also use the following methods:

(1) Packaging  

components from regular manufacturers usually have standardized packaging, including labels, instructions, etc. The packaging of inferior products may be simple and unclearly labeled.

(2) Brand Reputation

Choose components from manufacturers with good reputations and high visibility to reduce the risk of purchasing fake and shoddy products.

(3) Certification Mark

Check whether the components have passed relevant certifications, such as CE mark, RoHS mark, etc. These marks usually indicate that a component meets certain quality and environmental standards.

(4) Supply Chain Transparency

Understand information such as the components location of the product and the source of raw materials. Regular manufacturers usually provide transparent supply chain information.

(5) Online Reviews

Check the reviews and experiences of other users to understand the actual use of the components. User reviews on some online platforms can provide useful references.

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