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SCSPCBA The 2022 South China Electronics Show In Munich Came To A Close


Munich South China Electronics Fair has come to a successful conclusion. With the theme of "Convergence and innovation", this exhibition focuses on many popular technologies and applications such as intelligent manufacturing, intelligent driving, Internet of Things, AR/VR, new energy, 5G, artificial intelligence, smart home, smart city, 3C electronics, smart healthcare, carbon peak carbon neutrality, third-generation semiconductors, cloud computing and industrial Internet. A large number of well-known enterprises and industry elites at home and abroad exchanged with each other in this exhibition.
Although the epidemic has added a lot of inconvenience, the visitors and exhibitors at the exhibition site are still enthusiastic. The exhibition allows more customers to know and understand us, and also gives us the opportunity to exchange and learn with peers, so that enterprises can make progress together to promote the development of the industry!
scspcba-2022-south-china-electronics-show-in-munich-came-to-a-close-3.jpg It can be seen from this exhibition that the continuous expansion of the industry scale and industrial upgrading in continuous innovation will undoubtedly give customers and enterprises firm confidence under the severe situation of global economic downturn. With the continuous improvement of enterprise innovation level, manufacturing level and intelligent management level, more and more customers at home and abroad choose us. At the same time, more and more strict quality control and manufacturing, program development capabilities also need and promote the continuous progress of enterprises to accelerate the pace of intelligent "intelligent manufacturing". 
scspcba-2022-south-china-electronics-show-in-munich-came-to-a-close-4.jpgDuring the exhibition, Xu Shengtai sent an excellent consulting-level service team with our latest PCB and PCBA products to answer questions and answers for the audience and customers at booth 2L22. The professional product knowledge and thoughtful service were well received by the public!

Founded in 2013, Shenzhen Xushengtai Technology Co., Ltd. belongs to SUCCESSGROUP, a global PCBA intelligent manufacturing factory. The group has an experienced PCBA manufacturing and BOM supply chain core management team. Service for automotive electronics, home medical, new energy, industrial control, security and other industries of many domestic and foreign customers. Focus on PCB circuit board, component procurement, SMT patch, DIP processing, assembly and testing. And EMS value-added services such as ODM for the Internet of Things and medical devices. It is a national high-tech enterprise committed to providing customers with small and medium-sized batch sample one-stop electronic manufacturing services.

Since its establishment, the company has been adhering to the quality-oriented, always adhere to the corporate values of "professional quality, integrity and innovation", constantly pioneering, realistic and innovative, honest management, and striving for the vision of "becoming the world's leading multi-variety small-batch EMS service
provider". After years of efforts, we have completed the industrial upgrading from "manufacturing" to "intelligent manufacturing".

We have solved tens of thousands of manufacturing and solution problems for more and more customers from multiple dimensions and fields such as solutions, PCB, components, PCBA, etc. Our excellent product quality and thoughtful professional service make more and more customers choose us. In the future, there will be more customers and more sophisticated and difficult solutions and manufacturing projects. We will continue to optimize and upgrade our hardware and software to help more customers achieve success!

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