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Facial Beauty Equipment FPC Flexible Circuit Board

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beauty mask FPC flexible printed circuit board

  Beauty Instrument LED FPC Soft Board

  ● Layers: 2

  ● Single chip size: 312X285MM/customized

  ● Copper Thickness: 0.50Z

  ● Plate thickness: 0.2MM soil 0.03MM

  ● Excipients/PI: None

  ● Craftsmanship: white film black characters

  ● Surface treatment: OSP

  ● Test: electric test

  ● Forming: Laser

professional FPC strength manufacturer

Specific Process Description

● Substrate: Electrolytic copper and rolled copper are conventional materials

● Shape processing: manual shape, laser shape, mold punching

● Surface treatment: OSP (anti-oxidation), immersion gold, immersion silver, immersion tin

● Line width and line spacing: minimum 2mil/2mil (ie 0.05mm)

● Aperture size: minimum 0.15mm maximum 0.65

● Processing size: up to 1200mmX250mm

● Reinforcement: FR-4 reinforcement, steel sheet reinforcement, PI reinforcement, electromagnetic film

● Accessories: shielding film 3M adhesive tape (need to be clearly marked in the document drawing)

red and blue light beauty mask PCB fabrication 

  Main Materials And Requirements of FPC for A Beauty Mask  

  ● Soft board material:

  ● Single and double panels: the absolute value of size expansion and contraction is required to be small and the fluctuation is small

  ● Rigid board material:

  1. Copper-clad FR-4

  2. PP (non-flowing) +Cu

  3. RCC (non-flowing)