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Finished Product Assembly

☑ We have two PCB factories in Jiangsu and Jiangxi

☑We have two PCB assembly plants in Shenzhen and Vietnam

☑We have 20 years of PCB, PCBA R & D, design and manufacturing experience

☑We have a strong industrial chain, from mold, shell, PCB, PCBA to the final product assembly, we can help customers solve problems in one stop

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Finished Product Assembly Service: SCSPCBA provides a full range of services from raw material processing to final assembly. 

The following is a brief introduction to the Finished product assembly:

1. PCBA Design  

Before starting PCB assembly, designing is a very critical step. Ensure that the PCBA design meets the performance and functional requirements of the electronic product while being easy to assemble.

2. Raw Material Procurement

Choose high-quality raw materials, including PCBs, electronic components, chips, etc. Ensure supply chain stability and reliability.

3. PCBA Manufacturing

PCBA manufacturing involves multiple steps, including circuit board design, printing, etching, drilling, and surface treatment. Ensure PCB quality and performance meet requirements.

4. Component Procurement and Management

Purchase various electronic components and chips to ensure their quality and reliability. At the same time, component inventory management is performed to ensure adequate supply.

5. SMT and Welding

Use advanced patch technology to accurately attach small components to the PCB surface. Next, we solder, connecting the components via wave soldering or reflow soldering.

6. Assembly and Testing

Mount the soldered PCB into the product housing while connecting the necessary cables and interfaces. Conduct functional, electrical and performance testing to ensure the product meets specifications.

7. Check

Conduct debugging of the overall system to ensure that various components work together to solve possible problems. Tune and optimize your system for optimal performance.

8. Packaging and Shipping

Design appropriate packaging for the final product to ensure that the product is not damaged during transportation. After completing the final quality inspection, shipment is carried out.

9. After-sales Service

Provide after-sales service, including technical support, maintenance, and repairs. Ensure that customers get the best experience during use.

10. One-stop PCB Assembly Service

Through one-stop PCB assembly services, customers can obtain high-quality electronic products more conveniently and efficiently. This service model helps improve production efficiency, reduce costs, and ensure the competitiveness of products in the market.